Art Restoration & Conservation

Oil Paintings, Acrylics & Works On Paper

Steve is a master at repairing and restoring damaged oil paintings. He also works on Acrylics and Works on Paper. Many paintings that come in from customers simply need maintenance, which involves cleaning the paintings, doing any minor touch ups if needed, and then varnishing the painting to protect the paint surface. He also does major restoration for severely damaged paintings.

Compo Repair, Wood Frames & Antique Frames

Steve has been restoring frames for over 35 years. Many antique frames have damage to the compo (ornate carved detail)  and a complicated process of casting a mold of the good part of the frame and remaking a substitute piece to replace missing or damaged part and then refinishing to match the frame perfectly. Wood frame repair is a little different involving repairing scratches and restoring the  finish. On occasion Steve replaces missing elements as well. 

Gold Leaf Gilding & Frame Finish Restoration

Many antique frames were originally finished using real gold leaf with a method called "gilding". Steve can re-gild damaged frames using real or imitation gold leaf. He can also do a spray gold finish and then apply a wash to tone down the gold and allow the frame detail to show up nicely. 

Special Services : Water, Fire & Smoke Damage

One of our Special Services is handling artwork that has been in a fire and has fire, smoke or water damage. Our services include removing the artwork from the premisses, taking inventory, photos, and writing up an estimate for insurance purposes. After approval of estimated repair or replacing materials, we return the artwork to it's previous condition or better. We then return the artwork to the owner's home or office. We also deal with small individual damage due to accidents or small incidents in the home. 

Art Restoration & Conservation Consulting

Steve and Mary have been in the Custom Framing, Fine Art Restoration and Conservation business for over 35 years and really enjoy helping their customers with any questions or needs in regards to caring for and maintaining their art collections, big or small. Please feel free to come by and talk over any concerns, or ask any questions you have. All estimates are free, so it can't hurt to come in and check it out. We hope to see you soon. Steve & Mary Lanctot