Conservation Framing

Conservation Framing

We take pride in preserving and protecting the things that are dear to you. It is Important to remember that many types of paper are acidic, and that it can cause discoloration and even harm to artwork when left uncared for in the long term. For those of us who want the art in our lives to outlive us, it is important to take into consideration the way the art is framed, and the materials that are in contact with the artwork.

Memory / Shadow Boxes

We Frame 3 Dimensional artwork in Shadowbox format to protect the item to display it permanently. 

Some of our favorite things to create are Memory Boxes. We've done many Military Memorabilia, Christening dresses / items, Sports Memorabilia, Significant Event Memorabilia, Icons, Collectables, Awards and Medals, We've even Framed a 1920's Olympic Flag along with Gold and Silver Medals and photos of the owner and his team.

Needleworks Specialists

We love doing needlework framing. Needlework & Textile Art require special care when it comes to framing. Many times they are not perfectly straight and require some blocking. We prefer to "lace" as a means of stretching the needlework rather than taping or stapling. All of which we are happily qualified to do. We will also help you find the perfect framing to accentuate the piece without overwhelming it.

Unusual Projects

Our customers come in with so many interesting items to frame that we often come up with the idea of how to help them frame it on the spot. We are always up for a challenge, so come on down and visit us we're always more than happy to help answer any questions you might have and it is always free to get an estimate to frame your special project, big or small.

Framing & Matting

It is easy to see when you come in to our store that we have a vast selection. Much larger then the average frame shop. We carry premium goods, hundreds of Molding and Mat options for you to choose from.  Owners Steve & Mary, and our helpful staff (Ginger) are there and ready to make whatever you're framing a dream come true.


We offer many options for mounting your artwork. We can do the basic spray mount onto foam core, but we prefer to do a heat activated mounting onto foam core or hard gator board. For special archival projects we can do a conservational wet mount, and we do museum hinging for valuable artwork. We lace all of our needlework projects, and when mounting all items for a shadowbox projects, we sew, or attach all items without using any glues.